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Why rent a yacht in Greece?

Vacation means relaxing, peace of mind, enjoyment and fun. The best way to visit and discover Greece is definitely by renting a yacht. You can visit some of the thousands deserted bays of Greece where the only access is by yacht. While on board, you can make absolutely your own plan, enjoying the natural beauty, avoiding crowd places and noises. You can daily visit different islands while others who choose to stay in a hotel have limited options. It’s about quality. You have the option to do whatever you like in a unique environment of affordable luxury, calculating that you will pay approximately 50€ per person/day. In case you don’t want to eat outside, you can always cook your meal in the boat as the kitchen is fully equipped.

Sail away on a trouble free vacation. Join the sea spirit for internal calmness and happiness. Our experienced team and our unique yachts can provide it for you.

Who guaranties the quality of Manos Yachting yachts and services?

Manos Yachting owned yachts are certified by RINA Register. We are listed as CHECKED & TRUSTED COMPANY on YACHT-POOL FairCharter-FLEET. More than 30 years of experience in yachting can prove our high quality services. You can read what our customers say after their cruise with Manos Yachting in Euminia electronic yacht evaluation system where we are rated as top yacht charter companies in Greece. Our exceptional boats are unique models for Ionian Sea. In every season’s maintenance, we improve them and keep them in competent and in excellent condition. We are proud to welcome you on board and share with you our feeling.

How can I organize my trip?

Usually, the charter is on weekly basis (Saturday- Saturday) and what you have to do is to choose which dates are convenient for you, the right boat & your location.

Choose the right company of friends. You should share the same wishes with your friends because the space is ‘limited’ and there are no many options to do different things at the same time.

Choose the right size of the yacht in order to feel comfortable. All the boats are fully equipped for your comfort. Each cabin has a double bed. There is WC with shower in each yacht. In regard to the sharing of the WC, you choose the boat (the more WC you need, the bigger boat you have to rent).

Choose the right location. For families with kids and beginners is recommended to choose Ionian Sea. You will expect calm waters and low speed winds during the day. In Ionian Sea dominates the green scenery and clear turquoise waters. All the islands in Ionian are in small distance from our base in Lefkas and in combination with the easy sailing conditions and you will have great opportunity to practice for sailing skills.

What is the weather like in Greece?

If it’s your first time coming to Greece, you’re probably wondering what kind of clothes to bring, if it’s worth visiting some places according to the weather. In general terms, it’s a country that doesn’t suffer from any extreme weather conditions. Charter season for Greece starts from early April till end of November. In April climate starts getting warm with the end of May feeling like summer already. Temperatures may reach 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). Summer is the best season to visit the country, as it’s the season when all of its beauty unfolds. The hottest period of summer is from mid-July to mid-August. The weather is sunny and dry with temperatures ranging from 29 to 35 degrees Celsius, even 40 during the hottest days (that’s 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Of course these temperatures are ideal if you plan on spending your days on board. Fall starts in October and it’s relatively warm with several rainfalls. In the past few years, fall has been an extension of summer, as you can easily walk around with a light jacket.

How to reach Lefkas island?

By flight: The fastest way is by plane. Lefkas does not have airport, the nearest is airport of Preveza (Aktio) only 20 min. Distance from Lefkas Marina.

By bus from Athens: There are 4 buses daily from Athens national bus station to Lefkas island. The trip lasts aprox. 5 hours.

By ferry boat: from Igoumenitsa port (mainland) and then you can order transfer or use the national transportation till Lefkas Island.

With transfer: Our company can arrange a transfer for you by mini bus or taxi (upon request) from Athens, Igoumenitsa port or Preveza airport.

Advice flight offers from YACHT-POOL FLIGHT SERVICE reliable special flight provider, with extraordinary knowledge and reliable service, ensure that our sailors are looked after as well as possible.

Why to hire a crew?

If you want to live the experience to sail in Greece but you have minimum knowledge, the most appropriate way is to hire a crew. The crewed yacht is consisting from a skipper and a hostess. You can require them both or individually. Crew members have a long experience on sailing charter boats.

A professional skipper is the captain of the yacht, is communicative, characterized by his ability to adjust the needs of the crew with the weather circumstances and the days of the charter, is responsible for your and the boat’s safety. He has the knowledge of all the nice places of the area that you want to visit so can make a good plan according to your preferences. The hostess is specialized in passenger service, prepares breakfast and lunch, keeps boat’s tidiness and will be there to ensure a relaxant and carefree ride. If you chose this way of vacation, you will not be occupied with ship duties. There is a daily fee (200 euro per day) for each. Please remember that the crew members need to be provided with their own cabin, as they’re obliged to sleep on board.

Which are my responsibilities if I hire a skipper?

Skipper is member of the crew and responsible for the clients and the boats safety therefore you should comply with the rules and his suggestions. If you haven’t chosen to have a hostess with you, someone of the crew will have to assist the captain when he will need some help, it will be some simple things that has to do with ropes (while sailing or when trying on a harbor) or dropping the anchor. He will give you all the instructions needed in order to learn how to sail and make all the procedures fun and enjoyable. Teamwork is the sailing spirit! You are required to respect and take care of your captain as he is respecting and taking care of you and your needs, for this reason you have to count him on your daily supplies of food and drinks, offer him help whenever is needed. 

Can I rent a bareboat yacht?

Bareboat means that you sail with your own responsibility. For sailors who have a long experience on sailing especially in Greek waters, they can hire a bareboat. It is recommended to hire a bareboat in case that you are confident in order to take responsibility of your crew and of the boat. For those who love to sail in Greece, bareboat charters is a guaranty for a trouble free, life time vacation. Our yachts will provide you contemporary equipment for your safety and relaxation.

Will I have boat briefing?

Our experienced team of Manos Yachting is by your site from the first moment of check-in procedure, answering your questions about the handling of the yacht. A detailed boat briefing aboard the yacht will be given, covering the inventory and all the operating systems, including rigging, electrical system, water system, windlass, stove, dinghy, outboard and emergency systems. Of course, the procedure includes a charter briefing informing you about the area you are going to visit.

What certificates are needed for the port police permission?

To charter a sailing yacht in Greece, it is necessary, the skippers’ sailing certificate and the co-skippers’ sailing certificate or an official statement that proves his seafarer experience. According to Greek regulations, you should carry with you sailing license and passport or identity cards (for skipper and co-skipper) upon arrival on the base. The official Crew list with the signed Contract should be provided on the port police in order to take the permission for the yacht to leave from the port. Manos Yachting staff will prepare all the documents needed.

What are the contract regulations?

All charters begin at 17:00 on the day of departure and typically end at 09:00 on the day of arrival. However, you will be required to return to base on the last evening of your charter, since this time is necessary between charters to ensure that yachts are always delivered to the next charter in perfect working order. In order to fortify the booking, 1st payment has to be done 30 days after the booking confirmation and the 2nd payment has to be done 30 days before charter starts or on spot before embarkation.

What is the security deposit?

All our yachts are fully insured against damage to hull, gear and equipment as well as for third party liability (please give your attention that yacht’s insurance does not cover your personal belongings and injuries). The security deposit is to cover in the unforeseen event any possibility of any damages which are not covered by the insurance of the yacht. Upon the safe return of the yacht it will be returned in full to you (Exception: for any loss or damage caused by gross negligence or wanton or willful misuse by the charterer or by any of his party, to a value in excess of the Security Deposit amount, the charterer will be held liable for the total amount of loss or damage). On bareboat charters, the refundable security deposit (which varies according to the size of the yachts) is payable at the yacht’s base before embarkation usually by a credit card Visa or MasterCard or in cash.

Which are the last preparations?

Two weeks before charter starts, we will send you final boarding instructions where we will reconfirm you the meeting point, Manos Yachting’s representative name and his/her mobile number so you can be assisted accordingly. At this time we should have received from you: Flight number, arrival time, Crew list – final number of passengers (passport numbers, full addresses and nationality), copies of skipper’s and co-skipper’s licenses or official statement. Transportation from the airport to the marina and from the marina to the airport can be arranged in advance. We can provide you a minibus or taxi, at an extra charge payable on spot.

What if i want to cancel my charter?

Cancellation fees based on the period of time between the date of cancellation and the departure date as follows:

  • For bookings cancelled 99 days or more before departure then 3% (dossier’s expenses) are retained
  • For bookings cancelled 98-60 days before departure then 30% of the yacht fees are retained
  • For bookings cancelled 59-30 days before departure then 50% of the yacht fees are retained.
  • For bookings cancelled 29-0 days before departure then 100% of the yacht fees are retained.

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